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6th Degree Master, 7-time Canadian Kick Boxing Champion, National Women and Men’s team Coach and owner of Return of the Dragon: Martial Arts Studio; Sifu Zachary George has spent his life from the age of 5 studying Martial Arts. His journey of health, wellness, learning and teaching allows him to share his knowledge and expertise in Practical Self-defense, Kung Fu, Kick Boxing, Boxing and Sparring. He feels honour in being able to work with people from all stages and walks of life, to help them strive towards a holistic balanced life. Sifu Zack works with a variety of community-based health and wellness services and school boards, including U-Turn and The Healing of the Seven Generations. He provides direct coaching that inspires confidence and assertiveness while focusing on a balanced body and mind. As a member of the KW Speakers Bureau,  Sifu Zack can often be found giving talks at local high schools about marital arts, life discipline, reducing conflict, self-defense, building patience, identifying purpose of behavior, diffusing situations and learning to use your voice .He is a dedicated teacher at Return of the Dragon Martial Arts Studio, which offers a safe and positive environment for students to build their skills and confidence to reach their potential and to surpass their goals. Return of the Dragon is the perfect place to build patience, strength, discipline, all while reducing negativity, anxiety and depression.

Return Of The Dragon

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